I CAN HELP. I've published twelve books of memoir and essays myself. Many of them have won awards. 

I write a weekly column on arts and culture, also award-winning, and a monthly column on unsung saints. 

I’ve written and recorded over 30 slice-of-life commentaries for NPR’s All Things Considered

I believe books, art, and music have the power literally to save people’s lives, because they saved mine. 

So I'm passionate about helping you get your own story, essay, column, podcast or post down on paper. I'm happy as well to share my experience, strength and hope vis-a-vis agent-seeking, publishing, and self-promotion. For more on my style and sensibility, visit my website at Heather King: Mystery, Smarts, Laughs. 


Heather is one of the country’s premier writing coaches. Just when I was ready to give up on my project and myself, she rescued me. It’s amazing to sit back and listen to her brilliant mind spill forth as she shapes my rambling thoughts and pulls out all the good stuff. Heather can look at a piece of my writing and give me more insight into what it’s really about than I even knew was there. My fear, anguish, and head-banging (so to speak) have turned to confidence. I’m eternally grateful.
--Karin Esterhammer, author of the 2017 memoir So Happiness to Meet You, based on an L.A. Times Travel section article about her two years in Vietnam that received the most hits of any piece that year. 

Heather King is queen of encouragement for new writers. She has helped me to be consistent and confident in my work.She is a writer's companion. 
--Rita A. Simmonds, Winner of the Catholic Press Association Award, Best Original Poetry, 2010, 2011, and 2012 

Thanks to the editing and the mentoring skills of Heather King, my book,The Oxygen Mask Rule - How My Struggle With Anorexia Taught me How to Survive, is a finalist in the International Book Awards and was given Honorable Mention in the New York Book Festival awards in 2012. 
--Martha L. Thompson